Historical USGS Maps

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Since March 3, 1879, the USGS has been creating maps of the United States of America. The early maps were meticulously hand drawn, mathematically correct, and recoreded the physical characteristics of the landscape. This site uses Memento software to present an incredible mosaic of history. Memento was created by North Avenue Technologies based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Multiple date ranges

Over 92,000 maps from the USGS Historical Topographic Map Collection have been loaded into our site. They are grouped by date ranges which can be toggled on and off. You can select multiple date ranges and Memento will automaticly mosaic them into a single view as you explore the map.

Search by location

Use the search box to enter an address, city name or known location to explore the historical maps in that area

Share what you find

Easy to share what you're looking at simply by cutting and pasting the URL

Download maps

Once you zoom into an area, the historical maps are listed on the left. The visible maps are highlighted. Each map has a link so that you can open and download the digial copy of the original map.


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